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Camille Thomasson

Camille Thomasson

Camille Thomasson is a screenwriter from South Texas. Her poems and short fiction have appeared in Southwestern American Literature, Pinyon, Circa, and The Wayfarer.

Charlotte Corday’s Hair

Charlotte Corday wrote a manifesto.  Where can we find it?

We know what Marat’s said:  These heads will fall within a fortnight.

What did the killer say?  David paints her cowering in shadow,
Weiss writes her pacing the halls of his play.

People talked about Charlotte Corday’s hair.
It became lighter in prison.  Did fright turn it gray?   Or powder?

Much was said about the red dress she wore — red for murderess —
to mark her for jeers and rot from the street.

We know it rained when she rode the wagon to the guillotine.

Once her body was severed from her head, doctors spread her legs —
they suspected a man was behind the knife that killed Marat —
and were stunned to find her hymen intact.

Men took turns probing the speechless labia of her headless corpse.
Much was said of that.   Parisians spoke of Charlotte Corday’s hymen

her hair, her dress

but what she said, they did not ask.


so it goes/so it goes
so it is/so it was
just because
this young
man was angry

so it goes
and so she’s gone
what it was
what it becomes
his claim to rage
/but what of mine/
to plant the bomb

to whet the knife
to fire the gun
to take a life
all because

this young
man was angry

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