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Maryann Nixon


Maryann Nixon grew up by the coast in England. She graduated last summer with a Creative Writing honours degree from Bath Spa University. Since then she’s been working as a mental health support worker. She blogs in her free time at

(find me on the coast)

it is all temporary you say;

the transitional skylines
bleed daily, drain themselves

taste each new shade–

can we live like the waves?

or the wind;
we may never find a space that fits
but we’ll have dressed in many


stripped them off
to be raw again–

this is it, this is how we live

(wash us clean)

we dared the waves
and they dared us

to break them
with our naked, shivering bodies

surrounded by an ebony sky,
the ash blush of the moon
curved around our edges

your jaw, shoulders, hips

and I wish I could always look at you
like this, when the worst of your aches
showed in your blue of your lips
and the raw of your eyes

and we’ll scream nothings at the wind
as we smash our fists into the water
and watch it pool back

hoping we too will recover one day
from our fragmentations


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