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David Butler

David Butler’s most recent novel, City of Dis (New Island) was shortlisted for the Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year, 2015. His first poetry collection, Via Crucis, (Doghouse) came out in 2011 while a second, All the Barbaric Glass, has just been published by Doire Press.

Ghost Writer

I would be bone, says the birch,
bark wrapped in tissue
thin as papered garlic.
I would worship the fossil moon
that haunts cerulean day.
I would be boon friend of the owl,
blanched and stealthy, as Death.

Starlings over Otmoor

Variations on a theme in Dante:
souls in cosmic callisthenics.
Harmonic motion of galaxies’
gravitational flexing. Elastic
reflex of latticed coordinates.
Dance of thought in language.
The evening symphony.



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