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Caroline DeLuca

DelucaCaroline DeLuca lives in Brooklyn, and is pursuing her MFA at Stony Brook Southampton while working as a freelance editor. She has taught creative writing workshops at Stony Brook University, the New York Memory Center, UVA Young Writers Workshop, United Community Corporation, and Gaudenzia Substance Abuse Recovery Home, among other places. Her writing has recently appeared in Snapdragon Journal, sirsee, Thesongis, Rat’s Ass Review, Local Nomad, Seven Deadly Sins, Accelerate Education, Greek Fire, and on her website,

Letting Flames Lick Skin

We dance the dance &
duck-duck-goose give chase
to chance, though not yet let
loose, this is china THIS SIDE UP
this is bubble wrap, under wraps,
this is behind bushes still & peeking
& freaking out a little soda foam inside
while we play the cool card, we’re ice
melting marshmallow skin crispy
gold at the edges aiming for risk but not
yet sure we want to husk ourselves
for each other, aiming to keep close enough
to the flame for heat for can’t-stop-
looking but not close enough
to burn.