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Daniel Edward Moore

Daniel Edward Moore lives in Washington on Whidbey Island. His work is forthcoming in I-70 Review, Tar River Poetry Journal, Ponder Review, Sierra Nevada Review, South Florida Poetry Journal, Bryant Literary Review and The Museum of Americana. His book, Waxing the Dents, is from Brick Road Poetry Press.

Inside Outside

Let’s leave the world
before it leaves us,
before all the gorgeous space
with a name
that sounded like our own
confessed attachment,
felt anorexic,
holding it together,
by not being held.

Death by essentials:
fire and water,
nature’s soldiers
of skinless things,
means maybe ash
will rise again
into merciful clouds
called heaven,
a place for the lost
not seeking to be found.

Gone will be
a glorious gift,
the bondage of bows
unwrapped by hands
sliced with the
song of going.

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