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Alan Catlin

Alan Catlin has published approximately 80 chapbooks and full length books of poetry and prose. Among the more recent ones are Dream Rider, (Orchard Street Press) and Exterminating Angles (Kelsay Books).

Post Card to Thompson August 27, 2019: Jeanne Moreau Noire

          The bar she is drinking in
has been leached of all color so that
everything inside is either black or
white. The Kir cocktail on the café
table for two is as dark as the room
she is sitting in and the dead-center-of-
the-table candle has no wax left to melt
the remaining luster from her eyes.
          The door that opens stirs low
hanging clouds of smoke but does not
admit the man she once thought of as
a lover. On a low, spot-lit stage, a past-
her-prime chanteuse promises that when
all else fails there is always love.
          The actress drinks a third Kir as
if she were swallowing all the darkness
she can before the night ends. There is
never enough night where she is living
now and there never would be.

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