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Robbi Nester

Robbi Nester is a retired college educator, author of four books of poetry, and editor of three poetry anthologies. She is an elected member of the Academy of American Poets and hosts two monthly reading series. Her poetry and reviews have been widely published, most recently in MacQueen’s Quinterly, Live Encounters, Naugatuck River Review, One Art, Black Sunflowers Anthology, Zooanthology, Verse-Virtual and many others. Learn more about her work at


We started on the same path, walked to school
in snow and rain, in our red, pink, and blue rain
slickers and boots, winter hats, laughing in the wind,
the cold, smell of spring mud rising in the gutter,
bright October leaves pressed between our palms,
but then our roads diverged. No yellow wood,
just life’s ordinary detours, the metal track,
gray steel teeth parted in regret, heading off
in two directions. Any moment, an unseen hand
may bring us back together, two tracks merging into one.

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