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William Palmer

William Palmer’s poetry has appeared recently in Cold Mountain Review, J Journal, One Art, On the Seawall, and Poetry East. He has published two chapbooks: A String of Blue Lights, and Humble. A retired professor of English at Alma College, he lives in Traverse City, Michigan.

CT Scan at Night

Hard snow blowing
across Center Rd,
temp in teens,
I drive best I can
into town, afraid
I should have cancelled.
But my doctor needs this test.

As I lie on the table,
the young tech with short red hair
enters contrast into the IV—
then a surge travels through me
like heated vodka.

On the drive back
there’s less wind.
I stay along the median
edge of rumble strips—
their muffled bumps
I suddenly love.

Alone out here,
light snow,
car warming,
I could be
in the middle
of a prayer.


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