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Robin LeeAnn

Robin LeeAnn is a writer and editor. She runs a writing blog over at She has published with Friday Flash Fiction, the Aspec Journal, Weasel Press, and Coffin Bell Journal. When she’s not writing or editing, you can usually find her hanging out with her puppies, playing a video game, or both. My website is

Mad world

I swam in the ocean when I was young,
but I never drowned until I was on land
and much, much older.

I never thought I had that much talent
to do an impossible magic trick,
but I was not alone.

The internet was filled with others
who all drift in and out
of a lifeless world.

Sometimes we’d transform this domain
into a colorful backdrop
before the waves crashed down again.

We were magicians of our own realms.
We were used to the tugs and pulls,
more than anyone knew.

So, when my eyes had crystallized over,
and people noticed me wander,
I said, I’m fine.

Cause that was simpler than saying,
I’m anxious and numb
at a simple Saturday dinner.
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