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Rebecca Thrush

Rebecca Thrush has poetry published both in print and online with a variety of journals. Most notably, she was featured to be part of Viewless Wing’s 2021 Scary Art Show and Line of Advance’s 2021 Wright Award series. She also has original art online with Decomp Journal and Oddball Magazine.

How many mixtapes would it take?

Do you think if I bought this coffee
Held your hand like it’s 2007 and
Talked about how your freckles remind me
Of Jupiter

Or maybe if I baked these cookies
Placed notes on your Tupperware lids
And told you to measure my devotion by
The space between two stars

If I stayed up til midnight on a Tuesday
Kept the kettle hot with herbal teas
Filled a waiting tub with petals and peppermint
Scented candles

Or if I peppered your inbox with messages
Celestial imagery alluding to your presence
Blew purple smoke of sweet awe into
Your bubbling eyes

With my silent promise to be a vault
Devote myself to holding your words
As if you were telling me secrets and not
Just filling time

Could you love me a little then?


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