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Laura Grace Weldon

Laura Grace Weldon has published three poetry collections: Portals (Middle Creek 2021), Blackbird (Grayson 2019), and Tending (Aldrich 2013). She was 2019’s Ohio Poet of the Year. Laura edits books and teaches writing classes. Her background includes teaching nonviolence, leading abuse survivor support groups, and writing collaborative poetry with nursing home residents. Connect with her at

More Wolves

Here I am tilting toward time left to me
incredulous, tingling with surprise
at how it’s turning out. Based on
childhood books I expected more wolves.
More mountains, mists, strangers
laden with secrets. Certainly
more fascinating costumes than
the black sweaters I wear as a disguise.

Despite pedestrian settings, this story
overflows with singular characters,
strange plot twists, crises, euphoria.
And here I am,
girl inside a tale so tall
the view is magnificent,
so magical it heals a throat raw
from my exuberant, unfettered howling.
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