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Jordan Trethewey

Jordan Trethewey is the current poet laureate of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, and the author of four books of poetry, including “Unexpected Mergers” (2021), and “Spirits for Sale” (2019). He lives in Nashwaaksis with his wife Tina, son Noah, and daughter Izzy. By day, Jordan works for Bell Media Radio as a creative writer. His poetry, fiction, and non-fiction inhabits on-line publications such as Ariel Chart, Burning House Press, Visual Verse, Carpe Arte Journal, Fishbowl Press, The Blue Nib, Red Fez, Anti-Heron Chic, Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, Drunk Monkeys, Terror House Magazine, Jerry Jazz Musician, Fudoki, and Spillwords. Jordan is an editor at, and His poetry is translated in Vietnamese and Farsi. To see more of his work, please visit:

Worth Without Symmetry

A once-abandoned boy takes things apart—
birthday gifts, sister’s toys,
father’s tools, parent’s art supplies,
family games, gifted sports gear.

With Dr. Frankenstein intuition,
the boy breaks down each item.
Scattered parts from perfect wholes
create disparate puzzles,
cause confusion for untrained eyes.

Atomic structures of screwdriver sets,
action figures, cardboard, R/C cars,
and adhesives—disassembled.
Alternative alteration is understood
unnecessary by most—yet provides
power to the hands of the powerless.

He begins with perfectly normal,
not knowing what that is.
Recombines DNA with disconnection.
Blueprints traced from recognizable
reflections in cracked mirrors.

Psychic damage control
by controlling the damage,
scissors and tape—
resurrect and abandon.
Worth without symmetry—
a never-ending project.
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