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Helga Kidder

Helga Kidder lives in the Tennessee hills. She has an MFA from Vermont College and leads a poetry group for the Chattanooga Writers Guild. Her poems have recently been published in Conestoga Zen, Artemis, Avocet and others. She has four collections of poetry, Wild Plums, Luckier than the Stars, Blackberry Winter, and Loving the Dead which won the Blue Light Press Book Award 2020.

Some are Blessed

You live where the trains roll
through midnight, carry produce
to the markets while stars blink
at the moon.
You pull covers tighter,
return to your mind’s reel as the rails
sing a wheeled song.

Pins and needles in your toes you wonder
what do they carry?
Perhaps love
in a jelly glass you unscrew
    or happiness,
ribbons you can braid around you?

Your luck lives in a world
that supplies what you need.
    You toss
and turn, hear doors slam,
metal on metal,
ratcheting in.
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