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Daniel Edward Moore

Daniel Edward Moore lives in Washington on Whidbey Island. His poems are forthcoming in The Chiron Review, The Bitter Oleander, Blue Mountain Review, Nixes Mate Review, Lily Poetry Review, The Adirondack Review and 2River. He is the author of ‘Boys’ (Duck Lake Books) and “Waxing the Dents” (Brick Road Poetry Press).

Dare I Say, Nostalgia

I used to think loving deeply
was measured by how easy it was
to burn the world left behind
and use the ash for growing things:
green stems burdened with hysterical thorns,
razor sharp steps on the ladder of light,
ending at the door of bloom.

I used to think flowers were
memory’s way of making the vase a coffin,
where beauty and death and
the death of beauty gathered
to drown their unloved parts
in a silhouette of blue.

I used to think the changing of seasons
gave me the right to be a Category 5,
a prophetic exhalation of prairie clothesline
making feather boas for the simple and kind
who love warring with the wind.

I used to think back then was better.
I used to make love with the rearview mirror.
Now it needs a stranger to drive.
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