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Wendy Jean MacLean

Wendy Jean MacLean’s work draws on the inspiration of ancient mystics, the wild ways of nature and the poetry of scripture. Her work has been published in Canada, UK, Japan and the USA. She frequently works in collaboration with composers. Her work has been published by Borealis Press, Green Spirit, Boosey and Hawkes, GIA and A Tempo. She received a Pushcart nomination in 2020, and won Big Pond Rumors Chapbook Contest, The Drummond, Open Heart, Arborealis and many others. She lives in Ontario, near the St. Lawrence River.

The Green Buses of Aleppo

The green buses of Aleppo
carry the remnants from the city
after the executions and bombs.
What kind of green is left to grow
in dust that once had breath and life?

The Madonna carries her babe,
blood-soaked in bands of torn cloth.
He is wrapped in stunned silence
while smoldering firebrands in their safe palaces
toss insults and threats across the globe
They do not smell the infections
from the wounds of children
whose filthy bandages cover torn flesh
while they play soccer on the battlefields.

The leaders’ words explode.
Someone pretends the flash of light is a star
that points to another king
in the arms of his mother
escaping Aleppo to save the world.
The green buses wait for angels to bring them good news
while the Madonna holds her babe
and echoes their song: “Fear not.”

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