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Terri Simon

Terri Simon’s chapbook, Ghosts of My Own Choosing, was published by Flutter Press (2017). Her chapbook, Ringing the Bell is forthcoming from Clare Songbirds Publishing House. Her work appears in The Avenue,Third Wednesday, Poetry Quarterly, Slant, Grand Little Things, Ariel Chart, and other print and online journals. She lives in Laurel, Maryland. (

Distaff: Eve

I knew staying in Paradise
would have been Hell.
There would be no room for growth.
We would have been less than the sheep.
There would be no war,
but no passionate, wrenching,
sloppy love either.
No sweet smell of a baby’s skin,
no Mona Lisa, no lava cake,
no favorite worn t-shirts,
no Prufrock or Yellow Submarine.

I’m sorry He took it out
on my daughters,
cramps and glass ceilings.
He made my sons weep,
none ever good enough
and not knowing why.
That kind of cruelty
to my children
was not something
I could have learned
from the Tree.
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