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Carla McGill

Carla McGill’s work has been published in The Atlanta Review, Bryant Literary Review, Shark Reef, Crack the Spine, Westview, Common Ground Review, Caveat Lector, Door Is A Jar, Euphony Journal, The Hungry Chimera, Carbon Culture Review, Neologism Poetry Journal, DASH Literary Journal, Schuylkill Valley Journal of the Arts, The Summerset Review, The Penmen Review, Cloudbank, Paragon Journal, Burningword, The Alembic, California Quarterly, Waxing & Waning, Broad River Review and others. She lives in Southern California where she writes poetry and fiction.


He does not take his coffee
step out to the morning
porch, where Rosebud, the cat,
slides her side against his leg

He does not sit next to the small
barbecue in the foldout chair to read
the paper, or wave upstairs to the
landlady, or check his tomatoes growing

in the blue ceramic pot
He does not reach for his phone
to call me or walk the mile to shore
or look out at the blue wide ocean
and say, I live in Paradise.
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