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Betsy Mars

Betsy Mars practices poetry, photography, pet maintenance, and publishes an occasional anthology through Kingly Street Press. Her second anthology, Floored, is now available on Amazon or by contacting her directly. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Sky Island Journal, Kissing Dynamite, One Art, Nerve Cowboy, and the Gyroscope Review among others. She is the author of Alinea (Picture Show Press) and co-author of In the Muddle of the Night with Alan Walowitz (Arroyo Seco Press).



How many days do I have left
in this body, this sagging skin
that’s already starting not to fit,
the supporting frame more prone
to fractures, the pulleys more prone
to tear. How many miles will I walk,
how much will I listen, when inclined
to talk? How much will I waste hung
over, or simply indecisive, in fear?
This morning I felt my skull,
its shape and solidity,
imagined a time when all softness
melts away, leaves nothing
but the hardness and hollows.


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