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Patrick Theron Erickson


Patrick Theron Erickson, a resident of Garland, Texas, a Tree City, just south of Duck Creek, is a retired parish pastor put out to pasture himself. His work has appeared in Sheila-Na-Gig online, Grey Sparrow Journal, Tipton Poetry Journal, and The Main Street Rag, among other publications, and more recently in The Oddville Press, Vox Poetica, Adelaide Literary Magazine and Futures Trading.



In the morning mail

unsolicited advertisements
for hearing aids
and for Restland

the fallacy
of circular reasoning

as if I’ll need
hearing aids in Restland

And here
at the bottom
of the stack

in simple black
and white

compared to the rest

a direct appeal by a
nationally syndicated crematorium
for disposal by cremation

And the irony does not
fail to escape me
as so much does

The dead I’m told
(how else would I know?)
can rise up
with the air
that’s still in them

one last gasp
one and done

and unsensational.


with one’s bare hands
when one is blind

is like shooting fish
in a barrel
when he is nearsighted

unless he is
farsighted enough
to bring along
his fishing gear

and clear sighted enough
not to go fishing
in a catch and release stream
to begin with

unless he is noodling
all along

in which case
let the good times roll.
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