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Marjorie Moorhead

marjorieMarjorie Moorhead writes from the NH/VT border where she and her family enjoy four season change, nestled in with mountains, rivers, woods. Marjorie’s poetry is found in three anthologies; one which benefits The Environmental Justice Foundation. She has many poems online at sights from Indolent Books (What Rough Beast; HIV Here & Now), Rising Phoenix Review, Sheila-Na-Gig. Her chapbook, Survival: Trees, Tides, Song, is out in May, 2019 from Finishing Line Press. Her poem “Taking a Knee” will appear in The Poetry Box’s Poeming Pigeon Sports. Also forthcoming, her poem “Caught By Chance”, in Porter House Review, where it was a finalist for their Editor’s Prize


I woke to a murmur,
having dreamt of murmuration./
A swarming hive
undulating in the sky;/
a shape-shifting funnel
swirling toward the earth;/
a silent buzz of activity
settling to the ground;/
little black dots of
many winged birds;/
they fly in harmony
a chorus with no sound.

A vision in my mind
from the dark hours of black night,/
blood pressure racing high,
I wake to numbed fingers; a pulse in flight./
Is this murmur from my heart?
sending a message of urgency/
to find serenity;
to seek harmony, and the/
power of an organized
earth-and-sky-dwelling flock?

congregation…a form of
celebration…of our BEing together.

Quiet as a whisper,
powerful as a roar,/
this moving image of murmuration
stays with me as none before./
A visitation that came as a gift in the night.
Dreaming vision is a rarity;/
an invitation to aspiration,
to seek greater clarity in the light.
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