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Marc Swan’s poems have recently been published in Atlanta Review, Clover, The Broadkill Review, Chiron Review, Nashwaak Review, among others. He lives with his wife Dd in Freeport, Maine.

Another Festive Evening

When littlenecks come out
on a platter with lemon and a smile,
I hear music from a record that isn’t playing,
a melody from another time
when life had a familiar rhythm
before the erratic beat
that becomes conversation
after quahogs, crisp romaine salad,
homemade chili over perfectly cooked rice,
and wine, a French varietal
nicely appointed, then a cab
from California with all that entails.
Dessert, a smooth finish, apple pie
à la mode served with free choice
on the latter. Wine pours, words open
from a simple convivial chat
to reflections on unpredictable times
like Alice in search of Wonderland:
eyes wide, ears tuned, trust a barrier
open for discourse. Darkness creeps
in with a Cheshire grin; the world
split open like the sinewy hinge
of the bivalve, thoughts turn
to promise—
hopeful, daunting, unfulfilled.


It was the wings that caught my eye,
flapping slowly through mid-afternoon sky.
The span,
not a hawk, or crow,
no squawking like a gull
it was majestic, a king of kings kind of thing
you read about in nature books,
National Geographic,
but to watch one
that is something else,
not incredible like the breach of a right whale
or a great white coming into view
twenty yards off shore
as you swim as fast as you can,
but it’s something to behold
on a narrow peninsula south
of the LL Bean Paddling Center,
seven miles from where outlets fill
most days, and for some
deep into the night:
tourists shopping, spending,
not thinking of those
winged creatures gathering speed as they dive.



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