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Cristina DeSouza

Cristina2Cristina DeSouza is a physician and poet living in Phoenix Arizona, after spending some time in Vermont. She loves animals and nature and has a dog, Gemma and a cat, Zoe. She is originally from Brazil, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, by the ocean, which influences her writing in many different ways. She has been living in the United States since the 1990’s. As a physician she is an internist and hematologist. As a poet, she writes both in English and in Portuguese and has completed her masters of fine arts in poetry at Vermont College of Fine Arts (July 2016). She is a synesthete and that at times is transposed to her poetry. She has had several poems published in literary magazines and journals both in the US and in Brazil. In the US: Synesthesia Literary Journal, Poetry Pacific Literary Magazine, The Voices Project, AROHO, San Diego Poetry Annual, Sheila-Na-Gig online, Obra/Artifact, The Healing Muse, Raw Journal of Arts, etc. In Brazil: Macondo Literary Magazine, Vidráguas, Mallarmargens, Um Conto, Capitu, etc. In 2011 she released a book of poetry in Brazil titled Uns Poucos Versos, composed of haikus and several short poems. She is available for contact at


I squeeze words to make a poem,
devoid of rhymes, alliterating
loneliness with the enjambed night.

And nothing changes.
Nothing moves or moves me.

Black is the color of the starless night
and receding moon.

In my chest, a red muscle paces
my past compressed between
walls of flesh.

I sense voices, but I hear only silence
and the air traveling my patient’s lungs,
while my mind whispers soft phonemes
that I try to capture with a pen.

Pale, I progress into dawn, as
my mouth imagines a phantom kiss
drowned in the longing for a passion
that never existed.

And in the morning I wake alone,
thinking of patients in their hospital beds.
My ear to other hearts murmuring muffled sounds
timidly as the yellow sun shines.
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