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Marjorie Moorhead

MarjorieMarjorie Moorhead writes from the border of NH/VT. Her work can be found in the anthologies Birchsong: Poetry Centered in VT., Vol.II (4/2018, edited by Alice Wolf Gilborn et al, the Blueline Press), and A Change of Climate (12/2017, edited by Sam Illingworth and Dan Simpson, benefiting the Environmental Justice Foundation). She also has many poems online at Indolent Books’ What Rough Beast, and HIV Here & Now, and at Rising Phoenix Review. Marjorie will have work forthcoming in a collection from Hobblebush Design, Opening Windows 4th Friday Poets.


When the surf soaks the sand,
water spreads like a bedsheet being
wafted over and onto its mattress.
Hovering, then receding, back into the source,
leaving a shadow of itself,
sinking, and disappearing;
a ghost of the wave.
Water recasts into sand; wet becomes
not-wet in a shimmering moment,
sometimes revealing strands of seaweed
and bits of shell left behind, escaping
a pull back into the sea.
Footprints become melted shapes
of themselves. Erased forever;
mixed again into the same
grains that formed them.
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