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Donna Pucciani

Donna Pucciani, a Chicago-based writer, has published poetry worldwide in Shi Chao Poetry, Poetry Salzburg, Acumen, Journal of Italian Translation, Quail Bell, Meniscus, and other journals. Her seventh and most recent book of poetry is EDGES.

Apocalypse Now

The world           cracks like a giant egg.

Humpty falls.
So does his wall,
new words in the ghastly rhyme
of debris sailing through space,
arms and stones falling
like shards of death.

Fragility becomes a new frontier
of cosmic malady. Dumpty is sick,
spills his guts
over Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal,

the sunshine yolk splashed
on an empty sky, the viscous white
of protein now the substance

of viruses and madness
from a shell made of melancholy.

And all the King’s horses
have vanished,

wild-eyed as comets,
their manes the strands of spent stars,
their galloping hooves
splitting a dying sky.
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