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Daniel Edward Moore

Daniel Edward Moore lives in Washington on Whidbey Island. His poems are forthcoming in Notre Dame Review, The Meadow, Southern Humanities Review, New Plains Review, Temenos Journal, Psaltery & Lyre, Radar, Flint Hills Review, Plainsongs, West Trade Review and Book of Matches.
His book, Waxing the Dents is from Brick Road Poetry Press.

Hurting Like Sunday’s Shadow

is the bruised backside
of a poor white boy,
told to sit still,
fold his hands, and
pray the maple syrup
on Daddy’s pancakes
helps him forget your sin,
helps Momma
remove the shame
from your lips,
one sticky drop at a time.

She said, anything sweet
like the blood of Christ
could induce a diabetic coma,
where you’re preaching
the gospel of needles and nooses
as a black velvet painting
of an Alabama moon
rises above the rehab center
before light trickles down
the Pine’s thin arms
wearing bracelets of rope.
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