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Tia Cowger

Tia Cowger is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University. A poet at heart, her work has been published in Eastern’s literary journal The Vehicle, Toe Good, Gone Lawn and others.


into the sunset—lightbulbs almost burned over.
birds whisper into weeping branches, dying.

what is a burden to a bird?

hollow. flightless. winter.

what is a bird to a burden?

just as messy, I suppose.
but it’s too late to wish
for anything other than
salt-scorched feathers.

i once made a ring—electroformed
hawk feathers hammered over and
over. each anvil strike rung like hollow
lullabies. cracked copper riveted
together with rose gold birdsong.

at midnight, in a dream, it told me
that being hollow was a burden.
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