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Cecilia Savala

Cecilia Savala is originally from the Midwest but is currently writing from Tempe, AZ where she is the Poetry Editor of Hayden’s Ferry Review. Her work can be found in Mochila Review, Passengers Journal, and Underground, among elsewhere. Follow her at @ceciliasavala on Instagram.

Less is More

If they want thin, I’ll give them thin.
Contorted, eating apple pie,
soft white cheese,

I watch a documentary
on anorexia.
The girl with the collar bones

and besom hair
traded her period for a thigh gap,
lost her period—

buried beneath hyperawareness,
connective tissue in a styrofoam
to go box on her birthday.

The problem is I have big bones.

My birth weight, my fortune
extra large, too many
cookies, overflowing.

Parchment skin, she’s the color
of overcooked white meat—waffle textured,
caved in. Her fingers, rare and stringy.

The problem is the side effects contort
the same—circus mirror—convex—.

Distasteful at both extremes:
bulk and cut,
before and after,

self censure
and isolate:
post-lunch snack/run/nap

difficulty breathing.
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