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Teddy G. Goetz

Teddy G. Goetz (he/him or they/them) is an overly enthusiastic medical student, writer, photographer, biker, runner, and research dork, with a penchant for cooking without recipes and referencing Audre Lorde, Donna Haraway, and Buffy. His goal (as both an artist and a doctor-in-training) is to help people feel seen. His prior training includes an MS in transgender hormone therapy and BS in biochemistry and gender studies, focusing on interdisciplinary scientific research informed by individual embodied experiences. More of his recent poetry and photography publications can be found at

Make A Wish

The first art supplies parents lay out before children are
Finger paints and dried macaroni dunked in Elmer’s glue.

The first step to becoming an artist is losing sight of the divide between
Body and canvas—

How else could one create intimacy?

Though surgeon’s blades carved my chest like snowflakes,
They can only take credit for the absence.

The collagen that filled the suture gaps,
Was and is my craft—

Hopeful as dandelions between cement slabs.

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