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Marjorie Moorhead

MarjorieMarjorie Moorhead writes from the NH/VT border; a river she freely crosses. Concerned with environment and human relations on this planet, Marjorie’s work is collected in several anthologies, two of which benefit environmental justice and awareness organizations. Her chapbook, Survival: Tees, Tides, Song is published by Finishing Line Press (2019). She will have Part 2 coming in 2020! (Duck Lake Books, Feb. 2020). Marjorie’s poems can be found online at What Rough Beast, Porter House Review, Sheila-Na-Gig, Tiny Seed Lit., and other literary sites and journals. Marjorie happily meets with 4th Friday Poets, and WISE women writers.


The Peonies, once pink-fisted baby’s paws,
have opened wide. Proudly now, they celebrate

pink poise with luscious, strongly stated odor.
A flagrant fragrance; nothing to hide.

Mature blossoms so full and weighty they’re pulled
to earth where ants board sweet petal planks.

A fleeting moment of time from tight balls budding
to blushing-cheeked potential, to becoming colossal,

intricately detailed blossoms, open and spilling
every secret; wide and so full

they propel their own arc of descent
down to the ground that nurtured them.

Oh, that my journey, and yours, could be so complete.
Joyful from first stages to last.

To leave that scent—unforgettable;
to live a life, generous; authentic—unregrettable.


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