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Jeff Buddle


Jeff Buddle’s fiction and poetry have appeared in the Cimmaron Review and the Naugatuck River Review. He lives in Queens, NY. He works as a Content Marketing Director in a Manhattan office building.


Towards a New(ish) Poetry

1) The poet laughs at an online video.
2) The poet drinks a beer.
3) The poet wonders what the man operating the jackhammer outside his window is thinking.

Don’t worry
it’s just a poem:

Five images to improve upon:
  •  a mound of smoldering ashes
  •  the way the headlights pan the windowpanes at night
  •  leather shoes with worn-out soles
  •  a three legged-table with a wobble
  •  manacles of rusty iron

4) The poet eats a plate of enchiladas.
5) The poet orders a book from
6) The poet forgets to mail a letter.

It’s okay.
Nobody reads poetry:

Five unreal things:
  •  a coffee cup
  •  a clock showing the wrong time
  •  a book opened on the floor
  •  a man parking his car
  •  an unmade bed

7) The poet drinks another beer.
8) The poet washes his hands.
9) The poet thinks about getting a real job.

Two images that may (or
may not)
be in the
poet’s apartment:

  •  a pan still greasy from last night’s meal
  •  a red “X” on the calendar
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