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Jae Dyche


Raised in West Virginia, Jae Dyche received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Maryland. She currently lives outside of Washington, DC and is a high school ESOL Departmental Chair, where she hosts a reading series for local high school students. Her work appeared in Triggerfish Critical Review, Harpur Palate, Twyckenham Notes, River Heron Review, and the tiny journal.



Hundreds of starlings forage
short-cropped grass,
mist slicking
their purple-black feathers
as flamboyant yellow bills shift the topsoil
for lacewings and crane flies,
the assembly skittering across the yard,
iridescent and gluttonous.

Then they ascend
all at once, swooping and settling,
rising again
in synchronized gyres.

Ornithologists call it murmuration:
the piceous eddy of starlings,
dynamic and sentient,
each bird connected
to its flock mates—

we call it
in the moments when night
folds over us like a dark wing
sheltering the milky blue egg
in the nest,
and we go to sleep,

or rather, when we count
the endless wants
we keep within ourselves
waiting for those cool secluded hours,
an aggregation of featureless
ebony birds
at roost in the treeline.

Voyager 2

On December 10th, 2018, NASA announced Voyager 2 has reached interstellar space

With no more than
a paper boat

cast into the furious
erratic torrent
of the most stygian ocean

we’ve touched the outset of infinity

the alien abyss
beyond solaris

hurled ourselves across
the heliopause
the separation of interspace

and nihility

blind and senescent
and terribly alone

among the screaming
gamma winds
plumes of muons

to arrive at the infinitesimal

of the universe

carrying with us
a golden encoded
record of our existence

that we once had survived

amid the pulsars.
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