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Sherrell Wigal

Sherrell Wigal comes from many generations of people living and working the land in Appalachia. With carefully chosen words, Sherrell encourages readers to move beyond their expectations. Her poems challenge and inspire.

Brown Paper Days

Stars are everywhere,
some even tumble,
fly like angels.

Under a new moon
Fraser fir is always verdant.

Soft as cygnet bellies,
snow falls on rusted trucks, hedge apples,
the dapper man under a streetlamp.

Flames of Advent flicker
in long November shadows.

Amid the empty ribs of December
early dusk exhales its fragile lungs.

Solstice heralds new light,
birth, again and again,
for what we cannot – do not – see.

What are we looking for
when we poke the edges
of brightly wrapped packages?
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