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Davis Mathis

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Davis Mathis is a 17-year-old student from Georgia. She loves writing poetry and personal essays and reading about queer theory and feminism. Although she has been writing for years, she has been too nervous to share her work until recently.

There are a few things

That are weird about me, I suppose:
Both my arms are double jointed
My right eye always sabotages my left eye’s efforts to show me a perfect image
Of all the girls I know I am the only one who plays the trombone
I was born with little white spots under my eyes that I hide everyday with my glasses
My favorite color is black
I do not plan to have kids of my own

But now that I think about it
Those things are not weird.
What’s weird is that the only reason I chose to play the trombone back in fifth grade was
that I wanted to pick an instrument different from the other girls;
I wanted to be different from the other girls.
What’s weird is that even though the doctor says he can remove the little white spots
under my eyes, I won’t let him.
They’re a part of me;
They will stay there, hidden beneath the rims of my glasses
What’s weird is that black has been my favorite color ever since I learned how black ink
is made:
By mixing all the colors in the rainbow,
Like an overdose of color.
What’s weird is that the only reason I don’t want kids is because of what might go wrong.
I’m scared I will be a terrible mother
or my kids will hate me
or that I’ll lose one of them in an irreversible twist of fate
I’m scared of the hypotheticals

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