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Jeddie Sophronius


Jeddie Sophronius was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Cincinnati Review, Prairie Schooner, Juked, and elsewhere.


I have no time to write a love poem. My plane is boarding.
They’ve already called my name once. I hope you understand.

I’m leaving for the last time. Yes. I know,
I say that every year. But I have to keep saying it.

This mantra reminds me that someday I will
come home for the first time in a long time, not as a guest.

But I guess, I have always been a visitor—
either in this country or the next.

My skin tone has never been in the right shade,
nor my eyes and my tongue the right shape.

I wish I could call your country as my own.
Maybe then, I would write a love poem.

But we both know I have to leave soon.
The skies are calling my name again.

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