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Hannah McKeon

Hannah McKeonHannah Lacy McKeon, 22, is a Texas A&M graduate and Houston based poet. Her articles have been published in The English Aggie and HerCampus Magazine, and her poem “Holy Wild” has been published by the Texas A&M undergraduate literary magazine, The Eckleburg Project. Hannah currently works as an intern for Bright Sky Publishing in Houston as an acquisition and manuscript editor.

Fool’s Gold

Your feet were made for
golden grass, the sun
threw himself to earth for you
and I knew
to be close was to make a home
out of shadows,
to become a busy highway
that bled into the horizon
this is my heart looking
both ways
before crossing itself to you
and will I make it there?
before loss renders me
a good place to bury itself
an empty chest is an open season
but the way the sky
hypnotized you into living
made it look something like
home, something like the sound
of sunlight hitting an unsuspecting
earth, and something like this
golden grass bending
again with the weight
of new life


God is good
said through a river of tears
is the nail marks
inside my closed fist
the biting sting that reminds me,
there is always pain
inside the strength
I arrive on this shore barren
by the boat of my mother’s prayers
loving you has consequences
it is the rhythmic throb
of being sewn back together
the blinding burn of
beholding the sun
but I keep staring

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