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Athira Unni

Athira under 30

Athira Unni is from Calicut, India. Her poetry has been published by NAME Magazine, Generation magazine, Brev Spread, Madras Courier, The Little Rose Magazine, The Sunflower Collective, Best Poetry etc. She lives on coffee and thunderstorms.

Poetry is

Swearing in your mother tongue.
Swearing in any language.

You thought it was flowery?

No. It’s Wodehouse wit.

Doodling on the sides of a page.
Blessing the one who passed you
On the road.

Trying to not fit in, but stand out.

Learning to call, loud and clear
Across borders, across regions

Trying to live everyday like the day before
But with tiny changes, almost
Almost unnoticeable

Poetry is Almost

Loving the ones who notice
Being loved by the ones who notice

Love, at its core
But with masala
With fiery passion

But also, tenderness
When it’s much needed.

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