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Shawn Anto

shawn anto

Shawn Anto is 23 years old from Bakersfield, California. He’s originally from Kerala, India. He currently studies at Cal State Bakersfield looking to receive his B.A. in English & Theatre. His writing has been featured or is forthcoming in The Paragon Press, Edify Fiction, Susan/The Journal, Internet Void, Ink & Voices and Mojave Heart Review.

Sermon for the Stalemate

how things were wished to be different, but weren’t

how much addiction stifles love causes the current

ceasing its movement, right here stumbling around

cold shoulders in the apartment feeling around for another hidden

self so isolate and needing & still reeling for self-hatred, spasms of disgust

would you look at me? how we are clenched with shame & expecting

each possession to swallow rage & let the narrative keep unfolding.


  amen to finding what is missing

playing with yourself, feeling each spell

come undone, with that perfect touch, pathetic charade

what God could come find normality in any of us

some form balancing on ice, watching pieces shatter

into frozen river, like that, it’s love galore

& porn & wanting more & sex was not enough

at the core of self, except we only feel—the guilt.


& what other prayer could cure but didn’t

what other resting re-framed life were we missing

the inevitable tormentor, either settles or beats/bears down

come collecting the crash & burn

wearing shattered pieces of your love from loved ones as a crown.


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