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Katharine Kistler

katharine kistlerKatharine Kistler is an MFA Poetry Candidate at Texas State University. She got her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Her poetry appears in the inaugural issue of High Shelf Press and her short fiction is forthcoming in The Roadrunner Review. She has been a featured speaker at Texas State University’s Lunch Poems series and the Southwest Popular American Culture Association Conference.

New Waves

This liquid sky waves down at me,
my eyes can’t keep contact
with the sun, I feel guilt
for shading myself from the beauty
painted along the horizon.
As night turns the waves
from blue to black,
the day pinches holes
where it can’t let go.
Under this water all my senses intermingle,
air tastes like candy and
green tea and feels like perfume
landing in dots on my neck.
I reach one arm above my head,
trying to dip a hand in the body
of heaven and feel a cool rush.
My neck relaxes and sends my mouth
up to gather the sky with my tongue.
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