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Daniel Edward Moore

Daniel Edward Moore lives in Washington on Whidbey Island. His poems are forthcoming in The Cape Rock, Kestrel, Nebo Literary Journal, Main Street Rag, Nixes Mate Review, Blue River Review, Verdad Magazine and Impossible Archetype. He is the author of the chapbook Boys (Duck Lake Books) and Waxing the Dents is full length collection is from Brick Road Poetry Press.

What I Love Most

are words & breath, Saturn’s rings, iridescent rivers
of metaphor’s ice colliding with emotion’s rock-hard debris
in the hours between four and seven.

As the Queen of my world dreams down the hall
in a teakwood bed from Bali, I recline on the couch
beneath a blanket of puppies preparing my body

for the day’s little wars. With one hand on the keyboard
& the other in fur, let the battle begin. Surrendering quickly to
silence as god, hot blue sparks from my fingertips burn a hole

through the day’s new door. Walking fiercely, decked in danger
and bliss, my soul is incognito and happy. What I fear most is
not turning around and finding you there watching.

Map to the Great Beyond

In the end kindness cannot inhabit
each moment the flesh is forced apart,

like time laid out on a butcher’s block,
the lean and bleeding cuts of what we

should have said but didn’t, calling us
back to each other’s skin, a map to the

great beyond. Is this how life in the
kingdom of fading becomes a film where

the fog rolls in to moisten our hearts as
impermanence shouts camera, action, cut?

In the final scene as the dandelions die
in your jaundiced hands, my breaths

weed your lungs as the credits roll.
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